Please read the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) carefully as these contain important information regarding your legal rights, remedies and obligations.

  • After placing an order the payment you made covers the requested order as per initial instructions and two revisions.
  • In case of changing the initial instructions or asking for additional work, you will be required to make additional payment to the extent of additional work required or instructions changed, which will be subject to the extent of work done by the writer so far.
  • Deviation from initial instructions after getting the order delivered would not account for in the two complimentary revisions as stated in point number 1 of these T&Cs. You will be required to pay additional fee for the additional work that is not agreed on in initial instructions.
  • We will deliver your orders within the given deadline. If we require additional time we will get prior approval.
  • In case you cancel your order after initial submission, you will get 70% refund of your order price. Moreover, refund amount would also be subject to the work done by writer so far.
  • In case the order we deliver got fully rejected from your professor/institute, we will make 100% refunds after production of sufficient evidence of the rejection from your side.
  • Work with more than 15% plagiarism excluding references, technical jargons, tables and figures that do not account to plagiarism, you will be entitled to get 100% refund of your order price.
  • If you pay for an order and want to replace it with another same nature and length order, you can do it without paying extra money; however that would be subject to the extent of work done by writer so far.
  • You personal information would be kept confidential and would not disclosed to any third party.
  • Payment of order price would be excluding from the fee charged by PayPal at your end.

If you are still proceeding with the sign-up process, it means you agree with our T&Cs